The genesis

The story of Cosmogonie Paris is that of a woman who wanted to imagine lingerie that escapes clichés, lingerie made by a woman for all women.es.

It was the dream of thinking and creating pieces with an assertive style designed with the sole requirement to sublimate all bodies and to adapt comfortably to different body types.s.

In the end, this is the bet of a brand that wants to highlight feminine beauty in all its forms through sexy, daring and positive lingerie. All with a touch of frivolity.ie.

The creator

Julie is a versatile designer who began her career as an assistant director for music videos, particularly in rap, before immersing herself with passion in the universe of lingerie..

She immediately decided to have strong and committed biases in order to bring out the Girl Power in every woman. His style is intense, black and graphic with strong and assumed influences.es.

She therefore offers an alternative lingerie made of mini collections, easy to understand, with a designer style.

Immerse yourself in Julie's universe, it is the certainty of diving into a world of softness, originality and sexy to feel more beautiful and stronger.te.


Cosmogonie is a benevolent brand of sexy, daring and positive lingerie.

She seeks to sublimate all women, whatever their morphologies, curves, gender or diversity to make them dream even more..

It places proximity with women at the heart of its approach by establishing a constant dialogue with them and integrating them into the development of the brand. And because imagination has no limit, it is a plural brand that offers a multiplicity of uses: it can be worn equally well in yogawear, sportswear, outerwear or even swimwear.wear.

Who takes the pictures of Cosmogonie?

In addition to her career as a stylist, Julie takes pleasure in photographing pro and non-pro models of the Cosmogonie brand.

If you like his work you canbook a shooting session with her here.